Working Weekend

This weekend, I spent 7 and 1/2 hours cleaning and 6 hours cooking. 

You might think that I am one of the following:

1) Crazy

2) Bored

….however, if you think this, you have probably never taken two graduate classes (one in your second language) and taught middle school full-time at once. This is the last week before my life becomes extremely busy, and I’m going to try my best to get ahead so that I won’t get overwhelmed.

I wouldn’t say that the cleaning was fun, but it was relaxing. I got rid of a lot of old junk. 6 bags of stuff to throw away and 3 bags of stuff to donate. I cleaned out almost everything- my desk, my art supplies, my cabinets. I also listened to documentaries and Newspring sermons. Usually, I’m not one to listen to church sermons online because- let’s face it- wouldn’t you rather watch something a little more lighthearted? Newspring services are different. They relate to the real world, and they are funny and interesting!

Every recipe I tried was a new recipe! I made avocado, cream cheese, and salsa pockets, spinach and ricotta stuffed shells, twice baked lime sweet potatoes, cauliflower tater tots, baked oatmeal (in three flavors: strawberry, banana, and chocolate chip), spinach lasagna rolls, baked cheese balls, ham and cucumber rolls (I meant to buy turkey, so I hope they still turn out alright), and avocado egg salad. I also cooked some turkey meet for tacos.

BE CAREFUL WITH TACOS. I almost set the apartment on fire. Actually, I did set the apartment on fire.

I wanted to bake the taco shells so that they wouldn’t break so easily. I followed the directions that I found on a website and put a wet towel around the shells in the microwave. Then, I put them directly onto the oven. 

I don’t know HOW this chick made these tacos because mine caught on fire before I even closed the oven door. And I’m glad because if they hadn’t, I might not have noticed there was a problem until it was out of control. 

Once the tacos caught on fire, I stared at them for a mili-second as my brain sorted through what to do in the event of a fire involving an electric appliance. I decided to get a mitt and just take the tacos out of the oven and throw then in the sink.

This kind of worked, until part of one of the tacos dropped to the floor and landed on my kitchen mat.  It then proceeded to catch the kitchen mat on fire, and I was suddenly thrilled to be wearing shoes.

The smoke alarm went off, waking all of the early bird sleepers in my apartment complex, I’m sure.

So yeah, be careful if you ever decide to bake tacos.


If there is an apocalypse, I could probably survive for a while. 

Oh wait, grad school is starting = an apocalypse is actually taking place.

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